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FAQs - Tips
My computer is so slow. Do I need a new one?

It depends. One thing that needs to be noted is that the age of a computer typically has nothing to do with the speed the computer is operating. 

Typically, a computer that has slowed down over time simply needs to be cleaned up, and possibly have some memory added to it. This cleanup typically takes less than an hour, and additional memory is relatively inexpensive.

The true question becomes: should I spend the money to have this computer repaired? The rule of thumb comes full circle back to the age of the computer. If the computer is four or more years old, I generally recommend replacement, as typically more things will keep going wrong, costing you more and more money as the computer ages.

My computer has a "virus". Do I need to have it wiped clean?

Usually, any type of infection can be fully cleaned, using the proper tools, from a computer without affecting the information and programs on the computer. In other words, even if things appear hopeless, all of your saved documents, music, emails, pictures, etc. are still safe. Always be weary of anyone that tells you that you have lost everything, or that they need to "wipe" or "format" your computer to make it work again.

With that said, it is still recommended to regularly back-up your computer, "just in case."

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